Sunday Club Races

Sunday Club Races

See you on the water


Sunday Club Races

Sunday races are the heart of this club. We totally love to meet new people, so if you are a non member, you are welcome to come along. Your fees are a bit higher, but at $6 a race, you can not have better fun for less than $10.

The races are great practice for various events like the Marathon and Harbour Series races, they are also fantastic for anyone that wants to practice wash riding and side wash.

Don’t think you should not attend because you:

  • don’t think you’re fast enough
  • don’t think you have the right boat
  • are waiting until you get a bit fitter and faster so you can debut at your peak

They are social races and there will be those better than you, even if some of them are the resident ducks.


Start time:  8.00am, be at the club by 7:30 for the race briefing at 7:45

When: Every single Sunday of the year (except if Christmas day is a Sunday)


The race calendar is on the website, but generally speaking the monthly pattern goes like this:

The 1st Sunday is 12km Single Club Champs race.

The 2nd Sunday is the Divisional Handicap. Divisions that do different distances to essentially finish at the same time

The 3rd Sunday is the 12km K2/K4 Club Champs

The 4th race are what we refer to as “club captains choice” events. These are novelty races picked by the Club Captain


The main distance favoured by our members is 12km, but we do run 10km, 8km and 5km flavours to suit all abilities and ages

Apres Paddle

When the paddling is done and your boat is washed, there can be socialising if you like. Some of the more refined member even shower before the socializing part! We usually hold a BBQ after the Single Club Champs race, otherwise there are plenty of coffee shops and eateries nearby.